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The Podcast At Dawn's House

May 27, 2023

OMG, Dawn’s having a big sleepover! Unfortunately, the sleepover itself is the only part of the book that didn’t make us cringe violently. Well, that and the stegosaurus rap.

On today’s agenda: we are thirsty for Watson and cancelling Richard; a tragic lack of Lusk merch; Mrs Rodowski has no shame; Ann doesn’t...

Apr 30, 2023

OMG, Stacey’s finally having an emergency! It’s the pancreatic drama we’ve spent so long waiting for, and we’re all very excited. Also, Charlotte Johansson has every disease in the world, and it’s Mrs McGill’s fault.

On today’s agenda: Funko Pop Roadshow; celebrity crusts; the world’s most depressing...

Apr 18, 2023

Hold your horses, folks, the Saddle Club are visiting a dude ranch in West Dakota! Things get real problematic real fast, everyone eats a lot of steak, and there’s a blessed lack of romance. Oh, and they cause a death or whatever.

On today’s itinerary: we issue a much-needed apology; essential cow terminology; the...

Mar 13, 2023

OMG, Logan suuuuucks! He’s suddenly performing traditional masculinity and nobody is here for it, except for his hot cousin Olivia. Jenny Prezzioso is in a bad mood. We have a lot of opinions about mashed potatoes.

On today’s agenda: a basket of cold tongue; Babysitters’ Agency bullshit; Mary Anne gets hygge-blocked;...

Jan 11, 2023

OMG, Claudia got an A on a test and now everyone thinks she cheated! Well, by ‘everyone’ we mean her teacher, her parents, and Mary Anne, who is just the WORST in this one. Meanwhile, the Pikes are trapped in a hell of their own making, and we’re trapped in a hell of Jared Mullray’s making.

On today’s agenda:...